During the last years the academic exchange of students and professors is the main approach of giving added value to the higher education. The participation in an exchange programme is considered as a proof of the quality of the institutions and the participants themselves, so the demand is growing at geometrical rates.

The exchange programmes bring not only added value but considerable costs to the benefiting institutions. High schools and universities of all sizes are faced with finding cost effective to increase their participation in the international academic exchange.

Since 2001 “Open Youth, Bulgaria is studying the experience and good practices in international academic exchange. Using all the gained knowledge and the skills of its experts, the organization developed on-line “Academic Exchange Management System (AEMS)”. The software assists all educational facets including registration, admission, distributing information and maintaining internal information. AEMS creates a unique opportunity for educational institutions to consolidate many of these needs within a single, cost-effective software platform, giving an opportunity to both increase the volume of the academic exchange and decrease the related costs. No special training is required!

The significance of our idea was recognized by the IT community in Bulgaria and our project was awarded the title "IT Innovation 2005" in the "E-content" category.

AEMS is 24/7 user friendly software, facilitating the academic exchange activities of:

  • educational institution coordinators (click here for more information);
  • outgoing students (click here for more information);
  • outgoing professors (click here for more information);
  • incoming students (click here for more information);
  • incoming professors (click here for more information).

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